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  1. 13 quick fixes to macOS Mojave problems
  2. se chiudo il mio macbook air mentre sto scaricando co u torrent un film, il download continua?
  3. utilizzo del macbook pro - macbook-pro coperchio monitor raffreddamento
  4. Usare il computer notebook Mac in modalità display chiuso con un display esterno

Scopri come usare un display esterno con il notebook Mac quando il display integrato è chiuso. Premessa: per utilizzare il MacBook chiuso con display esterno bisogna La prima cosa che dovrete fare sarà scaricare il file in ragazzi ho una domanda: io vorrei scaricare delle zssrzadkowo.infoo dei film. Il problema che il mac va in stop io volevo sapere se: impostando su. Ho un problema spesso ho la necessità di scaricare la notte dato che il dice xja o è impossibile con gli imac visto che hanno solo schermo?. perchè l'ho lasciato chiuso (ma acceso) per qualche ora e quando se quando si spegne lo schermo smette di scaricare come faccio per far.

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Il punto è che queste funzioni non possono essere disabilitate, specialmente quella riguardante lo schermo. Non importa come, ma abbassare il monitor ci porta sempre come risultato ad un MacBook in sospensione, interrompendo le operazioni che magari sono in corso.

Le condizioni sono:. Vedendo queste regole si capisce da subito che la Apple intende far funzionare il vostro Mac sempre acceso, anche con il coperchio abbassato solo che lo schermo stesso è inutile il setting è letteralmente da Pc fisso. Ma noi non ci stiamo, vero? Vediamo come fare….

With every new macOS you can always expect some degree of mis-coordination between the OS and Apple default apps. The same refers to your third-party apps that launch automatically upon startup — they may not even be yet supported in the current version of macOS Mojave.

As a result, you see your MacBook running slow after the Mojave update. What you can do is this:. So how can you fix macOS Mojave crashing at login? Luckily, this issue is nicely tackled with the previously mentioned CleanMyMac X.

13 quick fixes to macOS Mojave problems

It allows you to remove Login Items one by one so you can see which app was causing the macOS to crash. Using the same tool you can also trim down the so-called Launch Agents or Daemons.

These are small helper applications that run in the background and extend the functionality of the main app, like Skype. Once again, your logic is to switch off one app at a time to see if fixes the problem.

se chiudo il mio macbook air mentre sto scaricando co u torrent un film, il download continua?

A user on MacRumors forum suggested another possible solution. This annoying macOS Mojave problem can be fixed by removing the potentially corrupted property list plist files in Preferences.

These files contain individual user settings for various parts of the macOS Finder, Desktop, Applications. Resetting them may be just the solution you need.

To proceed, you will need to start your Mac in the Safe Mode. To enter Safe Mode, hold down Shift when your Mac is booting up.

Let go of the Shift key when you see Apple logo appearing on the screen. Delete plist files for Finder or Desktop. Restart your computer to see if that fixed the issue. To go back to your previous macOS, install it from Time Machine backup that we are sure you had meticulously prepared. This maybe not a Mojave-specific issue, though. Normally, people judge the efficiency of their Mac by looking at speed of their most-used apps.

Remember, every desktop icon takes up RAM space. Fewer icons — the faster your Mac gets. When your Desktop is clean, restart your computer. Update everything to the last version available — some apps have already been fixed. Quit apps and processes that take up the unfair amount of memory. Outdated cache files, redundant support files, and logs generated by all your apps can slow even a powerful Mac down to a crawl.

Remember how fast and efficient your Mac was straight from the store? You can partially restore this original power by cleaning up your Mac from top to bottom, or from Finder to Library, if you like. CleanMyMac X is a great app that can clean all sort of junk and clutter from your hard drive.

It cleans all the items described above. The latest update to macOS Mojave introduced a new feature that leaves many of us, Apple fans, disappointed. Now the default behaviour of macOS Mojave is to show you 3 most recently used applications in the Dock. Luckily, an easy reversible one.

After all, the Dock is a customizable corner of the macOS and it should be left to the user to decide what to put in there. Apple stated that macOS High Sierra is the last operating system to support bit optimized applications.

utilizzo del macbook pro - macbook-pro coperchio monitor raffreddamento

This is one of the reasons not to update and stay with the good old High Sierra on your Mac. Now, look for the last column bit in the window that opens.

The adequate answer to that is to update these apps to newer versions. Or you could also:. However, if you've already upgraded to the new OS and need to check the incompatible software, you have to follow a bit different steps than mentioned above.

In Mojave, bit apps can be reviewed in System Information:. That's how you can get an overview of bit apps on your Mac if Mojave is installed on your Mac. Developers are highly encouraged to migrate to bit framework but it will take some time. So, if you need to remove the incompatible apps from your system, check a few tips below.

Usare il computer notebook Mac in modalità display chiuso con un display esterno

When you see this rather discouraging message you may simply want to uninstall the app — a radical solution to the problem. From there you are one click away from deleting them all at once:.

This happens too. In this case, you can download the app again and try to re-install it from scratch. There is a more elegant solution, though. CleanMyMac tool , mentioned in this article has a tool to reset the apps to their original state, notably, without losing your user settings.

Using this method I was able to successfully fix my Evernote app failing to sync after the last update. Since we're talking app versions, one more use of this versatile program is to update your applications to the latest versions. You can transfer files to an external drive, iCloud, etc. For more information, check out this article about different ways to back up your Mac.

From there you can see how much energy your programs are taking up. One click and you know the most resource-consuming apps, health indicators of your battery, hard drive, and memory. A quanto pare buona parte dei mouse Logitech che si appoggiano al relativo Control Center sembrano presentare problemi con macOS Sierra, con rallentamenti nella risposta lag e pulsanti speciali non funzionanti.

Fortunatamente macOS Sierra sembra aver risolto questi problemi. A fronte di tutti questi problemi, comunque limitati a pochi casi, conviene comunque aggiornare a macOS Sierra? I vantaggi portati da questo sistema operativo non sono da cercarsi solo nelle nuove feature. Apple ha posto un sacco di attenzione anche al comparto sicurezza e se il vostro Mac è compatibile con macOS Sierra. Voi avete riscontro problemi, magari qualcuno non segnalato? Fatecelo sapere nei commenti qui sotto.